• we are artists

  • we are engineers





Our Focus

We take pride in what our systems offer.

Non-intrusive monitoring

Our systems record and translate real-world metrics, providing a constant stream of real-time information.

Define real-world metrics

Our multi-layered data models make it possible to capture real-world metrics in ways that have not been possible.

Action real-time information

Information when you need it. Our systems translate and present data in real time.


We always focus on mobile-ready solutions that allow for quick, accessible information across all devices and platforms.

Beautifully crafted interfaces

We present your data beautifully. Our focus lies on neatness, presentability and important information first.

Business intelligence integration

You don't need another system to log into and check everyday, let the real-time information feed to you.

The Solution

We know a product isn't simply a fancy design, a box of components or just a piece of software.

The Art

It's not just the design - the sleek details, contours and the way it performs - that makes a piece of equipment great. It's the artistry; the process of translating passion into craft. It's the satisfaction gained by creating something amazing; a product that is functional and beautiful.

The Engineering

The innovation of art truly stretches the limits of the engineer, and yet they thrive at the challenge. Crafting something out of nothing - taking the conceptual and making it tactile - this is where scientists and madmen meet. We pride ourselves on being far ahead of the curve, not only building but truly innovating. It is not enough to just build; we need to perfect.

The Software

Our systems do not only present data; they present insight. Thanks to our engineers, our hardware captures and records a constant stream of data, but this data requires interpretation. We focus on presenting the data in a fast, elegant manner, while leveraging the user’s own patterns to create true insight.